Hunt Vintage Furniture

We're a marketplace for iconic pieces

Our business was built to create a more sustainable world by making vintage and antique pieces easier to find, faster to learn about, and effortless to buy all through our online platform. With hundreds of pieces to choose from, we have developed a unique community platform that allows customers to effortlessly find their perfect match and have it delivered straight to their door. Every seller is vetted and every item beautiful and unique.


Sustainable Purchasing

Hunt Vintage is designed to be a genuine and sustainable alternative to the heavily-industrialised timber, decor and manufacturing brands we've all became so used to. Guided by the circular economy, Hunt Vintage believes in restoration and regeneration by design, maximising the lifespan of quality furniture and vintage items - ensuring full utilisation and reuse. Our approach is systematic and designed to benefit local businesses, society and the environment.

A little more about us

We're Paul and Marc, the founders of Hunt Vintage. We both share a passion for sustainability and entrepreneurship through community-based platforms that make industries smarter, more efficient and work better for consumers. We set-up Hunt Vintage to help lead that change. We believe in the benefits of shifting to a circular economy. One that extends beyond the economy and into the natural environment. By designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating rather than degrading natural systems, the circular economy represents a powerful contribution to achieving global climate targets.

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