Our best practice guidance for dealers (sellers)

The aim of Hunt Vintage is not only to sell the highest quality products to the customer but also to be transparent, delivering the very best business practices and customer service at all times. With this in mind, we ask all Dealers (Sellers) who use our website and services to apply our Best Practice Guidelines.

It is therefore important that all Dealers (Sellers) are aware that by using Hunt Vintage you agree to accept and abide by our best Practice Guidelines, which form part of and are supplemental to our terms and conditions.

By using the Hunt Vintage platform to advertise or sell items, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the guidelines laid out below.   

Thank you and Welcome to Hunt Vintage.

  1. Prompt reply to customers
  2. Ensure listings are accurate
  3. Ensure listed items are available
  4. Sales conducted directly or indirectly via Hunt Vintage
  5. Receiving payment on our low-commission sales structure
  6. Third-party links are prohibited
  7. Provide accurate delivery times and costs
  8. Providing receipts and invoices to buyers

Provide a prompt reply to all customers

To ensure that buyers have the best possible experience when using Hunt Vintage to buy quality vintage and antique pieces, it is important that all sellers are:

  • – Professional and courteous to buyers
  • – Available for both customers and the Hunt Vintage team to contact (via email or phone)
  • – Responsive to buyer enquiries (our customer service team will help speed up customer communications where possible)
  • – Quick and efficient when responding to sales enquiries or requests for information

Dealers should be ready to provide buyers with updated information about product availability at all times. Please reply as quickly as possible to any customer enquiries. This could be to provide more product information, to check availability or price of items, to request delivery quotes or any other enquiries made by the customer.

Customer service is very important to us and providing a first-class service and customer experience is what Hunt Vintage aims to provide at all times.

Ensure listings are accurately represented

Dealers must ensure that all information about items listed is true and accurate.

This includes:

  • – Title of item(s) listed
  • – Product descriptions
  • – Images
  • – Highlighting any/all damage or wear and tear to item listed for sale
  • – True/estimated age of item
  • – Delivery details
  • – Any/all additional information provided

Providing an accurate listing and description of any item being sold is the best way to ensure that the sales process runs smoothly.

Firstly, a high quality and accurate picture(s) (image) of the item you are selling is very important. Then, writing the best and most accurate description you can – of any item you are selling – provides the customer with the opportunity to make an informed choice, while providing you with the chance to sell to a happy and contented customer.

The seller is responsible at all times for ensuring the accuracy of the information listed on the Hunt Vintage platform. Any details listed and found to be a misrepresentation of the true condition/date etc. of the item, are the sole responsibility of the seller. If the information listed is found to be a misrepresentation of the actual item(s) sold, then the seller on this occasion would be liable for costs incurred by the buyer.

Accurate images and descriptions are therefore paramount to protect dealers and in providing a great service to buyers.

Ensure your inventory of listed items are up-to-date

It is the Dealer’s responsibility to ensure that items listed for sale are actually available. Any item(s) no longer for sale, should be listed as sold. Being efficient in updating listed items, assists with the overall buyer experience and minimises buyer disappointment. This is particularly important if sellers are listing items on multiple platforms.

Therefore, please ensure that you keep your product stock up-to-date.

Conducting a sale outside of the Hunt Vintage Platform

Unless otherwise agreed, if a sale is generated via our platform, but payment is made outside the Hunt Vintage platform (directly between the seller and buyer) – a commission fee(s) would still apply.

As the Hunt Vintage platform is for professional dealers only, we expect professional conduct at all times. Contact between buyers (generated through Hunt Vintage) and sellers, should always be conducted through the Hunt Vintage messaging process, unless prior consent has been authorised.

We provide unrestricted communications between dealers and buyers, prior to and after sales. Please ensure that any sale(s) and direct payment(s) conducted, for example during an arranged buyer viewing, is quickly highlighted to Hunt Vintage, enabling us to generate a commission invoice. (Invoices generated should be paid within 14-days of receipt).

Any enquiries or sales generated through the Hunt Vintage platform constitute a Hunt Vintage enquiry or sale and no attempt should be made to close-a-sale outside the Hunt Vintage Platform.

Receiving payment for items on our low commission sales structure

Each dealer has their own unique Dashboard, which fully details sales and customer payments. Hunt Vintage takes the payment from the buyer, and then this is transferred to you when the customers’ cancellation period has passed – typically 14 days after delivery. It is therefore important to keep Hunt Vintage informed about any changes to the delivery date.

We presently use Stripe as our secure online payment partner, for all online transactions.

The use of external third-party links, social media or other websites or platforms, not connected to Hunt Vintage, is prohibited during the communication process with all Hunt Vintage buyers.

Ensure delivery costs, dates and times are accurately estimated

When enquiries about delivery costs or import tax (if applicable) are submitted, dealers should respond as accurately and quickly as possible. If any circumstances alter the information provided to buyers, including external circumstances beyond your control, customers should be informed as quickly as possible about these changes.

It is essential that buyers are provided with accurate delivery times and costs. So, please ensure that estimates requested by customers (quotes) are as accurate and realistic as possible. Additionally, please also ensure that customers are kept up-to-date at all times. 

Providing a receipt and invoice to buyers

All buyers are required by law to be supplied with a receipt, detailing the final cost of the item(s) purchased. Many buyers now using the Hunt Vintage platform are business buyers, who require a separate VAT invoice for accounting purposes. If requested by the buyer, VAT registered dealers should generate and send an invoice within 7 days of the request.

Please note: Hunt Vintage reserves the right to update our Best Practice Guidance for Dealers (sellers) which forms part of our Terms and Conditions at any time, especially when new changes and updates are made to our services and platform. Dealers will be informed in advance of any changes.